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Arkansas State Capitol, construction started 1899 -- completed 1915
The Old State House began as the Territorial Capital in 1833. Arkansas attained statehood in 1836. The Old State House was completed in 1842 and thus became the State Capitol building.
Wolf House, Norfolk, AR, Circuit Court of Territoral Arkansas in early 1800s, oldest log structure in Arkansas

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April 1, 2015
Sesquicentennial. Now isn’t that a fun word to say? It is a 150-year anniversary, and for the citizens of these United States and in particular those of us in Arkansas, this month, April, is a noteworthy sesquicentennial indeed.

On April 9th General Robert E. Lee surrendered to General Ulysses S. Grant at the Appomattox Court House in Virginia.

It was on April 15th, 150 years ago that we lost our 16th president Abraham Lincoln to an assassin’s bullet. Then on April 18th General William Tecumseh Sherman accepted Confederate General Joseph Johnson’s surrender, officially ending the War Between the States.  This is without a doubt our nations most studied period in history. There are entire libraries filled with the research that has been done in the name of preserving the history of the Civil War.

Without this preservation of chronicles, artifacts and photographs, dear Questers, we would not be stirred to commemorate this sesquicentennial, with the deserved reflection regarding our states history, that is April 1865.

I hope to see everyone at Hot Springs on April 17th for our Annual meeting. And don’t forget your bonnet! 

Quest on,


What if?

You had to start each day with no memory, record or treasure of the past ?
Historians neglected to educate the public ?
Adults failed to interest younger generations in the past?
No one ever challenged the research of historians ?

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