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Arkansas State Capitol, construction started 1899 -- completed 1915
The Old State House began as the Territorial Capital in 1833. Arkansas attained statehood in 1836. The Old State House was completed in 1842 and thus became the State Capitol building.
Wolf House, Norfolk, AR, Circuit Court of Territoral Arkansas in early 1800s, oldest log structure in Arkansas

 Our Mission is Simple...
to assist and support, through fellowship and action, the efforts of The Questers, an international non-profit organization, and individuals with an interest in the research and study of antiques, historic preservation and restoration, and education.

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through the past and into the future"


WEB Message:  Fund-Raising vs. The DF - April 2014

I want to relay to you my first lesson in being a Quester -  do not underestimate the determination of a few motivated people.  The lady I call “The Pusher” in my chapter is one of The Determined Few, or TDF.

TDFs exist in all walks of life and are responsible for nothing less than the success of mankind today!  Without them, the rest of us would sit happily in our ruts, but they will not allow it!  The more vast the project, the better they like it!  They push, they shove, they dream, they schmooze.

When undertaking a P&R project, the first question would be, “How much will it cost?”  Right?  But not for TDFs.  Their first question is, “Should this be done?”  Reasonably, the second question should be, “Can we expect to be able to raise that much money within a certain timeframe?”  But not for TDFs.  They don’t ask that question at all.  They assume that it’s doable.  “Why on earth not?  Let’s get started. What shall we do after that?” sayeth the TDFs.

Every single Quester knows that we are a service organization, and as such, we do projects that are important to us.  We donate our own money, time, and energy to accomplish the goal.  Unfortunately, sometimes the project is bigger than our pockets.

Don’t let that stop you.  Apply for grants.  Hold a special fundraiser.  Accumulate funds.  Assume you will succeed, and eventually you will.  Remember, TDFs push until great things get done.

Be one of The Determined Few!

Questers RESTORE!  Questers PRESERVE!  Questers COLLECT!  Questers SHARE!   

Carol Moseley
State President 
Arkansas Questers  

What If ?
You had to start each day with no memory, record or treasure of the past ?
Historians neglected to educate the public ?
Adults failed to interest younger generations in the past ?
No one ever challenged the research of historians ?
The little syrup pitcher that could.

Find this little syrup pitcher that started it all somewhere on this website. It will be moved each month to a different page on the website. Home page doesn't count.  Email rlpoole@swbell.net if you find it. It's fun to search and a joy to find.

Jane Bilon found the pitcher on the Preservation/Restoration page. Way to go Jane. The pitcher has now moved now to a new location. GO FISH!  

 Clara B. Eno
Questers Chapter # 830
of Van Buren
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